By 2020, Etika Delta will become the market leader in the transportation industry, particularly express buses in Peninsular Malaysiak

We are committed to give our customers the best service in line with our customers’ requirements

Corporate information

Etika Delta Sdn Bhd (EDSB) has been in the industry (bus express) since
1990. The most unique about Etika Delta is, the only company that is led by a woman, Pn. Rabimah Desa. (Chief Executive Officer). While operating EDSB own route and schedule, EDSB is a renowned ticketing agent for most of the express buses taking a trip to south, east and northern part of Malaysia. Under her belt, EDSB is managing ticket sales of few major players in the express bus industry.

Pleasant Journey ….is the key belief in EDSB to be a desired choice of travel and the current fleet of our executive coaches has acquired more than the expected passengers in a month and that has proved to be attractive to the community as a transport of choice. Apart from the scheduled trips of Etika Express, EDSB is preparing itself to play a more prominent role in the tourism and bus charter industry. With the inflating numbers of tourist arrivals in our country, EDSD has captured some amount of success with a several fixed bookings from local travel agencies.
In addition to dealing with ordinary fixed schedule and travel agencies EDSB is forming a special department devoted to making travel arrangements for government outings and contract charter for universities and colleges.  Coupled with our experience and technical support of our own workshops and parts supply we are gearing for this new opportunity to provide a pleasant journey to more Malaysians and foreigners as well.

Bussiness Opportunities.

We currently have many agents in the Klang Valley and the northern parts as well and InsyaAllah it will be increased from time to time. To date our agents were located everywhere as such, (not included Pudu Sentral, Klang Sentral, Shah Alam Sec17, Shahab Perdana Alor Setar) Kajang, Setapak,  Sg. Petani, Jitra, Changloon, Kangar, Langkawi, Kuala Perlis etc. Anyone can register and become our agent and get a higher commission from us. To register as our agent, you just need a capital as low as RM500, so let's join our group. The advantage is that you do not have to make an aggressive promotion because at our part we will make a mass promotion but if you want, then it would be better. Furthermore, our brand is already publicly known so there is no restriction for you to start your business with us. So we are welcoming anyone who likes to join our network.